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It's hip, it's spicy, it's smoking hot!Shaking it up with Shakespeare

It's hip, it's spicy, it's smoking hot!

Our Specialty

It's a 40-50 minute high energy theatrical presentation.

Through games, activities and performance elements, the troupe familiarizes, educates and unveils the mysteries of Shakespeare's plays, his language and his world.

Today's Menu:

SWISSAppetizer: Back to E-Time
We take students on a trip back in time to when Shakespeare was alive - the Elizabethan era - or E-Time.

First Course: The Who
We're not talking about the rock band. We're talking about Shakespeare's history, his contemporaries, and for whom they worked.

Second Course: Thyme or Reason
Don't think you know anything about Shakespeare? Well, we just bet you've used some of his most popular sayings.. And while we're talking about them, we'll take a slice of iambic pentameter as well.

Third Course: Monte Carlo
Always a hit, our "Die of Styles" gives your students a chance to see our versatile troupe perform a Shakespeare scene in a sequence of different genres such as Western, Musical Theater, Sci-Fi or Reality TV.

Fourth Course: Split Screen Scene
The troupe performs a short scene from The Taming of the Shrew in split screen fashion. One pair does it in Shakespeare and the other pair "translates" the verse into contemporary modern day language.

Fifth Course: Family Feud
Just like the game show - contestants are brought on stage to answer questions that test their knowledge of Shakespearean trivia.

Dessert: Banana Split
Our fast and furious Grand Finale. The troupe performs A Midsummer Night's Dream in a madcap 15 minutes . . . or less.


SWISSTwo performances = $700
Four performances = $900
Six performances = $1100

Don't think your school can afford it? Ask about our underwritten performances sponsored by:

Don Knabe, Target, Toyota

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Content Standards :

SWISS addresses Theatre and Language Arts Content Standards.

SWISS meets the Aesthetic Valuing standards for grades 8-12 by comparing traditional and non-traditional interpretations of selected Shakespeare scenes.

SWISS also meets some of the History and Language Arts Standards, such as vocabulary development, by talking about his life, the world around him and his influence on modern day language--offering examples of words and expressions that are still used today.

Comments from school participants:

Students sat mesmerized during the performance, a first for our school. They, as well as the staff, enjoyed the presentations. Your performers did a wonderful job of making Shakespeare and his works appealing to a middle school audience.

--Judy Rubin, Griffith Middle School

Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for sending your players to our school. The kids loved them. I will be sending you some reviews that the kids wrote about the performances. Your actors were wonderful. You guys have really outdone yourselves. All of you deserve special awards for getting young people to be so into Shakespeare. What higher compliment could there be to the success of your mission than to have 50 freshman begging me to tell them how to log on to your website so they can see pictures and bios of the actors and to see the schedule of your summer performances. :-) Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
Thank you so much for your kindness,
Annette Snow
St. Matthias High School

Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for coming to our school and putting on a great show. You guys are all very talented and funny. The best part is that, people like you encourage people like us to go for our goals. There are some people out there who don't believe in you and try to discourage you, but they actually encourage you more through their criticism. Watching you guys on stage having all that fun really inspires me. I think it's great that you guys are really into Shakespeare and appreciate the art of the language so much. If you ask me, it's really hard to understand, which is why I don't even bother. But that might change, 'cause you guys did it in different styles, and it was still Shakespeare. Your actions and movements were really cool. You guys are a great example of "real artists" because you made bold choices. Which can be tough and requires imagination and creativity. Thank you for listening.

--Sophia Hernandez, Paramount High School

Dear Shakespeare by the Sea,
Thank you for the entertainment you provided yesterday for our school. I thought that it was very nice of you to go out of your way to write a play that high school kids would enjoy. I really enjoyed the comical aspect of the play. I felt that you not only brought Shakespeare to a level where students could understand it, but to a level where they could enjoy it. Once again, thank you!

--Shannon, Paramount High School

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