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SBTS volunteersShakespeare by the Sea couldn’t run without the folks who come out to lend a helping hand by volunteering. We invite you to invest a little of your time and energy to help us get our festival up and running and keep it operating smoothly throughout the season. You’ll meet some great people and become part of something truly special.

Become a member of one of our Volunteer Committees:

Club100 – distribute 100 flyers in your community
Raffle Committee – help us find and gather raffle prizes
Performance Posse – help staff the performances
Tour City Committee – help find support in your community

Or, if you’d like to sign up to volunteer to help out at our performance(s), we encourage you to do so here: Sign Up Today!

It’s easy:
Just go to SignUp.com, choose the spot(s) you like from options listed, and then Sign Up.

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