Scenic Designs

Our scenic designer has quite the task and Aaron Jackson, who’s been working with SBTS for the last 14 years continues to stun and amaze us.  Not only does he need to create a design for each production, he also has to make sure it can straddle the bandshell at Point Fermin Park and then keep the same basic configuration for when we go on tour to all of the parks where we’re just given a flat area of grass or cement.  In essence, it’s 4 different schematics.

In addition to the bandshell/flat issue, there are plenty of other challenges for him to solve.  He has to create his looks utilizing the standardized wooden platform design that we came up with in 2003. Our cast is the crew – so the sets have to be easy to assemble and disassemble.  All the pieces also have to break down so they’ll fit in the back of the bandshell as well as the 15 foot truck we take on tour.  The set also has to last being set up and broken down over 60 times. And to top it all off, he gets to create it all with a very limited budget.

Check out what he’s come up with for 2018: