The Players Fund

PLEASE JOIN THE PLAYERS FUND TODAY.  A recurring gift of $25/mo (or a full year $300 gift) is all it takes for YOU to become a true patron of the arts by offering direct support to our SBTS Artists.   (100% tax deductible)


I’d like to make a Recurring Donation to The Players Fund
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JOIN with Shakespeare by the Sea as we engage creative solutions that help us compensate all artists for their participation.

We need to raise $57,800 this season to support our seasonal Actors, Designers, and Directors.

PLEASE HELP us MATCH $12,000 in support we’ve been awarded for ARTISTS from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.

SBTS strives to provide competitive compensation for ALL our independent seasonal Artists – Actors, Designers and Directors – but it is a challenge each year.  Remember our DUCAT BUCKETS that we put out at the end of show for our donations? Well, that money certainly helps, BUT it only attributes 31% to the total budget for our ARTISTS.  PLUS, we can’t pay out to the talent until THE END of the season when all those donations are calculated. That means Actors commit to 5 weeks of rehearsal, followed by 10 weeks of shows before they are compensated. Directors and Designers are given their stipend on opening night, after 6 to 7 weeks of work.  Needless to say, that’s a lot of upfront commitment, without any financial support. But you can help us change that!

Going forward,  our goal is to pay out a portion of the ARTIST fees immediately after the rehearsal period (week 6)  and the rest at the end (week 15).  BUT, we need the money in hand to make that a reality. 

THE PLAYERS FUND will help us accomplish this goal. 

It costs:
25,800 Actors (rehearsal & performance fees)
32,000 Directors, Designers and Artistic Team
12,000 granted from Department of Cultural Affairs
$45,800 left to go!

Members of the SBTS PLAYERS FUND will receive the following perks:
-An eco-friendly SBTS PLAYERS FUND tote bag to carry your picnic items.
-Listing as a Member of the SBTS PLAYERS FUND in our festival program.