Lakewood: Monte Verde Park
4626 Shadeway Rd, Lakewood CA 90714

Friday, July 12 at 7pm:  The Comedy of Errors

Grassy area with a rise at the back end – right next to
the tiny amphitheater – warmer here at night than on the coast, but you’re still going to need a sweatshirt.

NOTE: Park opens to public around 6pm after the day camp kids have been picked up.

It costs $8,076 per performance – for Lakewood, that’s a total of $8,076. Lakewood’s Funding Progress:

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SBTS at Monte Verde Park in Lakewood 2018
SBTS at Monte Verde Park in Lakewood 2018

Read about Monte Verde Park, Lakewood.
The west side of the river is home to Monte Verde Park’s S. Mark Taper Vista Lodge, nature trail and amphitheater facility. Many consider it a “jewel” of Lakewood park facilities.

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