Whittier: Adventure County Park 10130 Gunn Ave, Whittier, CA CA 90605
Friday, TBD at 7pm: TBD

We perform in the flat grassy area right next to the Recreation Center.

It costs $10,100 per performance – for Whittier, that’s a total of $10,100. Whittier’s Funding Progress: Support Whittier’s Performance Today! For those of you who’d like to make Facebook events for the performances in Whittier – download performance artwork by visiting our Whittier Imagery Page The Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation’s Adventure Park comprises 15.52 acres in the Southeast Whittier area. Adventure Park’s name is inspired by, “its positive and inspiring influence on the surrounding community.” Adventure Park has a strong programming and volunteer base. Learn more about Adventure County Park in Whittier.
Join our generous sponsors and help us fully fund the show at Adventure County Park in Whittier.
Janice Hahn Los Angeles County Supervisor