A Kingdom for a Stage

O, my gosh.  We are so close to opening the season!  Comedy of Errors opens this week.  And those of us in Henry are just chilling, learning lines, trying to make a little money before our summer is snatched from us by travelling around to parks all over creation.

It’s been an unusual summer so far.  I have mentioned before (as my four loyal readers will remember) that each year takes on its own character.  I can’t quite put my finger on this one yet.  Last year was one of extreme professionalism and competence.  The summer came together flawlessly, and everybody worked their butts off.  And the shows were rad.  And I’m not afraid to say that “Winter’s Tale” was the best thing we’ve ever done.  I have done hundreds of plays in my life and it reigns at the top of all of them.  It was simply beautiful.

So, how do you go into the next season trying to top that?  Well, you can’t.  Each season is an empty canvas filled with different colors to make different  plays.  Making theatre is crazy.  I feel like we are the “Little Prince’s” flower.  Ephemeral.  But essential.

I am reminded of a story about Sir John Gielgud (possibly apocryphal) having just played Othello and trashing his dressing room after.  When somebody questioned him saying:  “Why are you so upset, you were brilliant.”  He supposedly answered:  “But how will I do it again?”  This is the essential dilemma of the theatre actor.  You have to be both completely in the moment and  available for inspiration, and simultaneously building on what you have created through homework and the rehearsal process.

To be honest, writing a blog has been a very useful tool for me.  I have been unable to really dig into writing since last summer, even though I have done many plays since then.  So, I feel like some of my process has been taken from me by my writer’s block. So, I hope to regain some mojo with your assistance.

Since starting this blog post, Comedy of Errors did open.  Sadly, I have been sick for like two weeks (thanks, Sean!)  So I missed their opening.  But I hear it went swimmingly and that the fights were a hit!  Can’t wait to see them soon and often.

Tomorrow we start tech.  Actually I’m glad that I got sick when I did, so hopefully I’m on the mend and will be perfect (what?) by opening.

I guess that’s it.  Happy Father’s Day to all my fellow dads out there.