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Shakespeare by the Sea is an outdoor summer Shakespeare Festival producing two shows in repertory. 

SBTS is seeking non-Equity actors for our 2023 season! 

Initial auditions will all be video auditions.  There will be no in person auditions for the initial submission. Fill out the this form to submit your audition. 

Please prepare and submit contrasting Shakespeare monologues by uploading your video to the above link. (the auditions must be speeches from Shakespeare)
You are welcome to submit monologues from the plays in the season. 

Callbacks will held in person by invitation only on Monday, March 27th. 

May 22: First Company Meeting via Zoom 

May 30- Rehearsals begin 
Rehearsals before tech are evenings M-Th; and daytimes Sat. & Sun. 
June 19-21- Tech/Dress Rehearsals for Twelfth Night
June 22-24- Opening Performances- Twelfth Night  
June 26-28- Tech/Dress Rehearsals for Hamlet 

June 29-July 1- Opening Performances- Hamlet 

San Pedro Performances
July  6-8-  Performances continue in San Pedro 

Touring Performances
July 9- August 3  (Wednesdays through Sundays) 
Actor call times for tour performances are 5 p.m. for a 7 p.m.  start time

We tour parks throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. All actors self-drive to location   

Closing Performances in San Pedro
August 4- Closing Performance of Twelfth Night 

August 5- Closing Performance of Hamlet/Festival Closing 
Call times: 
Call times for San Pedro performances are 6 p.m. for an 8 p.m. start
Call times for touring performances are 5 p.m. for a 7 p.m. start 
All rehearsals and performances are outdoors. 

Actors are paid at a rate of $16.50 per hour for time in rehearsal and performances. 

This will be a fully vaccinated company. Covid safety protocols will be in place. 

Each play will be cast with 12 actors. You may submit for either one show or both shows. Remember when submitting your audition that we are an outdoor Shakespeare festival. 
  • Viola (female-identifying, 20’s-30’s) has a big heart, quick wit, and great use of language 
  • Olivia (female-identifying, 30’s-40’s) Illyrian countess mourning the loss of her brother and seems closed off from love and joy until Viola comes into her life
  • Maria (female-identifying, 30’s-40’s) serves Olivia, but is also trying to improve her status by marrying Sir Toby. Quick wit. (much of the role of Fabian has been rolled into her character to make her Sir Toby’s partner in crime. 
  • Sir Toby Belch (male-identifying, 40’s-50’s) Olivia’s kinsman. Think Athos if things had gone terribly wrong. Once an accomplished knight, even a swashbuckler, he is now more interested in drinking and playing tricks.
  • Sir Andrew Aguecheek ( Male-identifying , 20’s-40’s) comes from wealth; a man without guile who fancies himself clever, and believes himself worthy of Olivia’s love. 
  • Malvolio ( Male-identifying  , 30’s-50’s) a steward in Olivia’s household; a Puritan who has the ear of Olivia and keeps her in mourning to increase his control over the household. He believes himself better than everyone else because of his strict nature. 
  • Fool (any age, any gender identification) Oliva’s jester named Feste, who tells the truth hidden in fun and riddles
  • Orsino, Duke of Illyria  ( Male-identifying, 30’s-40’s) Orsino has his eye fixed on Olivia and has decided to be madly, passionately in love with her.
  • Valentine/Officer/Messenger (any gender identification, any age) A versatile actor able to play many characters throughout the play.
  • Sebastian ( Male-identifying  20’s, 30’s) Viola’s brother. Pure of heart and adventurous of spirit. He is mistaken for his sister (who is disguised) and this leads to all sorts of misunderstandings. Sword fighting ability a plus.
  • Antonio (Male-identifying; 20’s-40’s) A notable pirate of his day. Antonio loves Sebastian so much, he’ll risk everything for him.
  • Captain/Priest (Male-identifying; 50’s) A mature man who can convincingly play two different types of fatherly men. 
  • Gertrude  (Female, 40’s-60’s) Queen of Denmark, Hamlet’s mother, now married to Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius. Charming, loving, vital and possessing opinions about the events in the play that she does not necessarily share, possesses both moments of great weakness and moments of great courage. 
  • Laertes (Male, 20’s-30’s) son of Polonius, brother of Ophelia. Affects being upright, but like everyone at court, is perhaps not a staunch as he seems. However he behaves while in Paris, he loves his family deeply and is fiercely loyal to them. Blinded by rage, he partners with Claudius to avenge the deaths of his father and sister. Strong sward fighting a plus. 
  • Ophelia (Female, 20’s-30’s) Daughter of Polonius, in love with Hamlet. Intelligent, insightful and loving, wears her heart on her sleeve. Dutiful but willing to defy duty when she thinks it necessary. Her father’s murder causes the madness of deep grief. She dies in the river after a mad scene where she sings, rails against those in court, and raves about her father and betrayal. 
  • Ghost of Old Hamlet/Gravedigger/Player King (Male, 40’s-50’s) A warrior king in life, now a Ghost living in purgatory who has an urgent message to convey to his son, but also wants revenge for his murder and restoration of the succession. Player King is the first player, friend to Hamlet. By inserting lines into the play he helps Hamlet reveal the guilt of Claudius. 
  • Rosencrantz (Male or Female, 20’s-30’s) Courtier and childhood friend of Hamlet, but willing to spy at the command of Claudius and Gertrude. Charming, funny but is not a match to Hamlet’s intelligence, allowing Hamlet to fool them.  Accompanies Hamlet when he is banished to England, and is killed.  (will likely double other roles) 
  • Guildenstern (Male or Female, 20’s-30’s) Courtier and childhood friend of Hamlet. Inseparable from Rosencrantz, but less outspoken. Perhaps more honest than Rosencrantz, admitting that they were sent for. (will likely double other roles) 
  • Marcellus/Player/Sailor (any gender identification, 20’s-40’s) friendly and frightened, loyal and knows that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. 
  • Osric/Bernardo/Other (any gender identification, 30’s-50’s) Osric is affected and perhaps not as foolish as he appears; Bernardo is a guard at Elsinore who has seen the ghost of Old Hamlet more than once and is a friend to Hamlet and Horatio. 
  • Understudy we are also seeking two understudies for the season. 

 Questions? Email Artistic Directors Stephanie Coltrin and Suzanne Dean at pad@shakespearebythesea.org



Things to Know about SBTS


Shakespeare by the Sea is a hands-on production. Actors become part of the company and act as crew members, raffle ticket sellers, etc. Everyone is expected to be present for his/her performance evenings and participate in setting up the show. Each performance is a company effort, and each member is an integral part of the process. We must set up and break down the set each night. It is a synchronized and streamlined team effort where each person is assigned a few tasks. If you don’t like being part of a team and you don’t like to do physical work, then SBTS is most likely not the company for you.


We rehearse both shows in tandem beginning May 22, in San Pedro (located at the southern end of the 110 Harbor Fwy.). We’ll rehearse at Little Fish Theatre as well as at the performance venue – Point Fermin Park. Rehearsals usually run from 7-11 pm, Monday –Thursday, and either Saturday or Sunday from 11-5 pm, but Saturdays and Sundays are left to the discretion of the director. Take the commute, if any, into consideration.


We expect a full commitment.
If you can’t commit – don’t audition.


Our productions will run for 10 weeks — 4 in San Pedro and 6 on tour to locations throughout the South Bay, LA, and Orange County. San Pedro performances are every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 pm with 7:30 raffle sales. The call is 6 pm unless otherwise announced. Please note the tour schedule; call times and locations vary – usually on tour the call is 5 pm for a 7 pm curtain.


All actors are on the payroll at a rate of $16.50 per hour.


Shakespeare by the Sea is a unique experience for those who get involved. Our performance venues are charming, the atmosphere we create is truly magical and our audiences are enthusiastic. Last year over 20,000 people attended our productions.


Because our tour locations are local and our actors drive to each location, we are only able to consider actors who live in Southern California or who have access to Southern California housing and transportation.