We’re now accepting submissions for 2020 – click here to view the CASTING NOTICE

Our 2024 Season Submissions have been closed. Thank you to all who auditioned! 


Cylan Brown 

Demarcus Brooks

Caleb Feitsam

Chris Fine

Jonathan Fisher

Amanda Godoy

Peter Green

Trevor Guyton

Jane Hink

Savannah Moffat

Will Mueller

Melissa Ortiz

Alejandro Posada

Megan Ruble

Mario Silva

Ryon Thomas

Roberto Williams

Alec Yamartino



In addition to our summer season, we also do winter projects and casting will be announced on this page. 

For any casting inquiries, please email the Artistic Directors, Suzanne Dean and Stephanie Coltrin at pad@shakespearebythesea.org


SBTS is seeking non-Equity actors for our summer festival. 

Initial auditions will all be video auditions
Please submit your audition by March 20, 2024. 
CLICK HERE to complete the form to submit your audition. There is a field to upload directly to us or a field to enter a link for your audition tape. BE SURE THAT YOU TITLE ALL THE FILES YOU UPLOAD WITH YOUR NAME AS THE FILE NAME (First name, last name)

Please prepare and submit contrasting Shakespeare monologues by uploading your video to the above link. (the auditions must be speeches from Shakespeare)- Please limit your audition to 2 minutes for your entire submission. 

You are welcome to submit monologues from the plays in the season. 
Click here to see our performance locations/schedule

May 18: First Company Meeting/Rehearsals begin
Rehearsals before tech are evenings M-Th; and daytimes Sat. & Sun. Rehearsals will be held in Redondo Beach. 
June 17-19- Tech/Dress Rehearsals for Cardenio in Long Beach
June 20-22- Opening Performances-Cardenio
June 24-26- Tech/Dress Rehearsals for Henry IV 
June 27-June 29 Opening Performances- Henry IV
Touring Performances
July 5- August 1  (Wednesdays through Sundays) 
Actor call times for tour performances are 5 p.m. for a 7 p.m.  start time
We tour parks throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. All actors self-drive to location   
Closing Performances in San Pedro (Park TBA) 
August 2- Closing Performance of Cardenio 
August 3- Closing Performance of Henry IV/Festival Closing 
Call times: 
Call times for Long Beach and San Pedro performances are 6 p.m. for an 8 p.m. start
Call times for touring performances are 5 p.m. for a 7 p.m. start 
All rehearsals and performances are outdoors. 

Actors are paid at a rate of $16.90 per hour for time in rehearsal and performances, increasing to $17.27 per hour on July 1. 

Role breakdowns for each play will be available on March 1 and will be added to the audition form. 
Each play will be cast with roles doubled.  You may submit for either one show or both shows. Remember when submitting your audition that we are an outdoor Shakespeare festival. Because we are Southern California based, and all actors self-drive to location, we can only consider actors who are based in Southern California or have their own housing/transportation in the area. 
Shakespeare by the Sea is an outdoor Shakespeare festival producing two shows in rep. Productions open at Recreation Park in Long Beach, and then tour to parks throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. All of our performances are admission-free and open to call. Generally, between 15,000 and 20,000 people witness an SBTS performance each summer. 
Shakespeare by the Sea is a hands-on production. In true Shakespeare style, Actors (along with volunteers and staff) set up and strike the set every night. Each performance is a company effort and each cast member is an integral part of the process. Rehearsal hours are limited, so the ability to be a quick study is very important. 

Cardenio: Double Falsehood

A lost play by John Fletcher & William Shakespeare. Directed & Adapted by Jonathan Fisher. 

 London, 1613: After an unprecedented streak of theatrical hits, William Shakespeare is retiring to Stratford for good, leaving the playwriting of the King’s Men in the capable hands of his protégé John Fletcher. But one piece of unfinished writing stands in his way: Cardenio, a rollicking tale of chivalry ripped from the pages of Cervantes’ Don Quixote, replete with maidens in disguise, villainous plots and biting cultural critiques. But even with these classic Shakespearean hallmarks at his disposal, the Bard’s decades at the quill have taken their toll, and he’ll need all the help Fletcher can give him to put a successful capstone on his storied career. Will this last play stand the test of time, or be lost to anonymity? Join us for this original and spirited look at a lost classic and decide for yourself if Shakespeare even had anything to do with Cardenio!   


Henry IV: Falstaff & the Boy Who Would Be King

A new adaptation combining both parts of Henry IV. Directed and adapted by Stephanie Coltrin.

Before St. Crispin’s day and the man who would be Henry V, was young Prince Hal, the reluctant heir to the throne, who spends more time drinking and playing tricks on Falstaff than he does navigating the intrigues of court. But with England itself at stake, Hal embraces his destiny, becoming the king who will lead his country to victory at Agincourt.