Casting Notice

Shakespeare by the Sea is a two-show, outdoor summer Shakespeare Festival producing two shows in rep. Seeking non-Equity actors for A Winter’s Tale (directed by Stephanie Coltrin) and The Merry Wives of Windsor (directed by Cylan Brown).

Rehearsals begin May 12 at
Little Fish Theatre, 777 Centre St, San Pedro, California 90731.

The festival opens June 14 and runs through August 18, 2018. The first four weeks of performances are in San Pedro, and then the productions perform at various parks throughout Southern California. Performances are Wednesday through Sunday evenings.

Pay is a stipend of $1,500 for actors cast in both shows, and $750.00 for actors cast in one show.

Lisa Coffi- Producing Artistic Director
Suzanne Dean- Associate Artistic Director
Stephanie Coltrin- Associate Festival Director/ The Winter’s Tale Director
Cylan Brown- The Merry Wives of Windsor Director


  • Please send headshot and resume to:
  • Deadline for submission: March 25, 2018.
  • Once your submission is reviewed, you will be contacted via email to schedule an audition time.

Auditions will be held Saturday April 7 and Sunday April 8 with callbacks on Saturday April 14. Auditions are by invitation only. Audition location will be provided when appointment is scheduled.

Please be prepared with (2) contrasting, one-minute Shakespeare monologues. Be aware that we may only ask for one in the audition.

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Sir John Falstaff (Male, 37-60) A farcical old knight who thinks the world of himself, Sir John tries to “woo” Mistress Page and Mistress Ford; he is unsuccessful and becomes, instead, the butt of their jokes. Preferably heavy set and bearded.

Fenton (Male, 18-28) A penniless gentleman and suitor of Anne Page, Fenton manages to win Anne’s heart and secretly marry her despite both of her parents hating him.

Robert Shallow (Male, 30-50) A country justice, Shallow encourages his nephew Slender’s suit of Anne Page and even goes so far as to woo her himself in his cousins name.

Abraham Slender (Male, 18-40) A wealthy and foppish, cousin of Shallow and unsuccessful suitor of Anne Page. Slender is uncomfortable around Anne and makes a bumbling fool of himself every time they meet.

Ford (Male, 30-50) A gentleman of Windsor and husband of Mistress Alice Ford, Master Ford is given to bouts of intense mistrust and jealousy. He disguises himself as “Brook” to spy on his wife and Falstaff.

Page (Male, 30-50) a gentleman of Windsor and husband of Mistress Margaret Page, Master Page is more reasonable and less jealous than Master Ford.

Sir Hugh Evans (Male, 30-50) A Welsh parson who urges Slender to woo Anne Page, Evans eventually ends up in an anticlimactic dual with Dr. Caius. Welsh Accent is a must.

Doctor Caius (Male, 30-50) An over the top French physician and unsuccessful suitor of Anne Page. Caius is quickly stung into a rage. French accent is a must.

Bardolph, Pistol, and Nym (Male or Female 18-40) Tavern flies and friends of Falstaff, these three love making fun of the fat knight. Thieves and vagabonds all.

Robin (Male or Female, 18-35) A plucky page of Falstaff who helps the wives dupe the knight.

Peter Simple (Male, 18-40) A servant of Slender.

John Rugby (Male or Female, 18-40) A servant of Doctor Caius.

Mistress Alice Ford (Female, 30-50) Wife of Ford and object of Falstaff’s wooing. Honest and witty, Mistress Page has fun overacting to make Falstaff believe she’s in love with him and that her husband is about to discover their secret love.

Mistress Margaret Page (Female, 30-50) Wife of Page and object of Falstaff’s wooing. Clever and vengeful, Mistress Page has fun overacting to make Falstaff believe she’s in love with and that he and M. Ford are in jeopardy of being discovered.

Mistress Anne Page (Female, 18-25) Daughter of the Pages; falls and love and elopes with Fenton, despite her parents wishes for her to marry other suitors for money. Anne is constantly having to deal with men wooing her that she has no interest in.

Mistress Quickly (Female, 18-50) A servant of Doctor Caius, Mistress Quickly is a gossip and a busybody who is always involved in other people’s business. Especially the business of young Anne Page and the men who love her.

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Leontes (Male, 40’s-60’s) King of Sicilia. Passionate, tyrannical, insecure, scarce with his affection. Becomes consumed by jealousy followed by regret, remorse and madness. Ages 16 years during the play.

Hermione (Female 30’s-40’s) Queen of Sicilia and daughter of the Emperor of Russia. Warm and charming with inherent dignity and social ease. Craves affection from her husband. Forgiving but possesses profound strength, depth and insight..Ages 16 years during the play

Mamillius (Male, child), young Prince of Sicilia Young son of Leontes and Hermione. Precocious and playful, beloved.Dies of a broken heart.

Perdita (Female, 20’s) Daughter of Leontes and Hermione- later the wife of Florizel and Princess of Bohemia. Warm, smart, practical, raised by shephers and is thus connected to nature.

Camillo (Male, 30’s-60’) Friend and advisor to Leontes/ Wise, loyal compassionate. Flees with Polixenes upon the realization that he cannot commit murder. Works toward reconciliation of the two kings. Ages 16 years during the play

Antigonus (Male, 40’s-60’s) A lord of Sicilia. Husband to Paulina. Serves Leontes while fervently defending Hermione’s innocence. Reluctantly vows to abandon Hermione’s baby, but does what he can for her before being eaten by a bear.

Paulina (Female, 30’s-60’s) Wife (then widow) of Antigonus. A loyal lady-in- waiting to Hermione. Ruled by her own morality, she is willing to risk her life for her beliefs. Authoritative and courageous, fearless and relentless. States facts rather than issuing emotional pleas. After Hermione’s death, Leontes retains her as a reminder of his sins.. Will age 16 years during the play.

Cleomines (Male or Female, 20’s-50’s) A lord of Sicilia asked to obtain a verdict from Apollo’s oracle. Opposed to the Queen’s treatment but becomes convinced over 16 years that Leontes has sufficiently attoned. Disapproves of Paulina’s constant needling.

Dion (Male or Female, 20’s-50’s) A lord of Sicilia asked to obtain a verdict from Apollo’s oracle. Deeply moved by the physical structure of the temple and hopes for confirmation of Hermione’s innocence. As the years go on, encourages Leontes to remarry to ensure the succession.

Emilia (Female, any age) Attending on Hermione and Mamillius.

Polixenes (Male, 30’s-50’s) King of Bohemia is convinced by Hermione to extend his visit to his childhood friend Leontes and realizes this has an adverse affect on his friend. Flees when Camillo reveals he is to be poisoned. Warm and charming but can be explosive an violent. Will age 16 years during the play.

Florizel (Male, 20’s-30’s) Prince of Bohemia and son of Polixenes- rebellious, passionate, romantic. Falls in love with Perdita and visits her disguised as Doricles, a countryman after his father threatens to disown him. Strongly resembles Polixenes.

Old Shepherd (Male 40’s-50’s) A shepherd who finds and raises Perdita. Simple, kind, loving, and hospitable. Approves of a match with Doricles, but becomes frightened when his true identity is revealed. He resolves to reveal to the king how he found Perdita, but Polixenes will not listen and threatens him with death.

Clown (Male, 20’s) shepherd’s son. Affable, but stupid. Hears the cry of a man being consumed by a bear and buries him. Courting Dorcas and Mopsa he convinces his father to tell the king that Perdita is not a member of their family by blood. Terrified of Autolycus’ threats but tries to help him be honest.

Autolycus (Male, 20’s-60’s) served Florizel at court, but is now a rogue, musician and singer. Survives by the “silly cheat.” Able to con a clown. Describes himself as a coward- charming and funny

Archidamus (Male, 20’s-60’s) A lord of Bohemia. A diplomat who enjoys language. Impressed by Sicilan hospitality, he believes Bohemia will be unable to match the magnificence of Sicily when Leontes pays them a return visit.

Mopsa (Female, 20’s-30’s) A shepherdess. Being wooed by the clown. Enjoys music and singing.

Dorcas (Female, 20’s-30’s) A shepherdess. Being wooed by the clown. Enjoys music and singing.

Time as Chorus (Male or Female, 20’s-60’s) The narrator with insight into the nature of time.

Ensemble (Male/Female 20’s-60’s)- to serve as Lords, Shepherds, Shepherdesses, Servants, Mariner, Ladies attending the Queen, satyrs), Gaoler