How do I get tickets?

VIRTUAL PERFORMANCES: all tickets are free – Visit our Online Free Events or Past Performances pages to see what’s available for streaming. Some streaming events require free reservations-put at least one $0 ticket in your cart and check out.  You’ll receive an email with the link from if the show is currently streaming.  OR if the event is “coming up next”, you’ll receive a link to the event roughly 10 hours prior to the Premiere.

OUTDOOR PERFORMANCES: There aren’t any tickets – SBTS shows are FREE!   All seating is on a first-come-first-served basis. Just show up. If you’re interested in RESERVED SEATING – donate $250 or more or purchase a Golden Ticket.

Are performances always free?


Is seating provided at all your venues?

Seating accommodations vary from venue to venue. See our Schedule for details about each site. Blankets are recommended at all locations.

How do I get to an SBTS show?

Check our Schedule page for directions to each venue.

Are picnics allowed?

We encourage our patrons to come early and enjoy a picnic dinner on site. SBTS offers a limited selection of drink and snack items at our concession stand.

How long is the show?

About 2 hours, with a 10-15 minute intermission in the middle.

How old is the company? How many years have you been doing this?

The festival was founded in 1998.

Do you always perform outside?


Where do you get your funding?

We apply for a lot of grants and ask a lot of people for their support.

What do you do the rest of the year?

We produce theater year-round with our Little Fish Theatre program where we present an eclectic mix of new, contemporary and classic plays. 

Where do you get your actors?

From all over Los Angeles & Orange Counties.

When and where do you post auditions?

In March on the Auditions page on this website and in Backstage West and Actors Access.

How many people audition?

We have approximately 500 submissions, of which about 100 actors are called in to audition. Of the 100, about 40-50 are called back, and from them, we cast 15-24 actors, based on the needs of the shows.

Where are you touring?

See our Schedule to find out when and where you can see an SBTS performance.

How does the raffle work?

We award a prize each evening by drawing a name from the tickets purchased that evening (must be present to win). Anyone who does not win that evening goes back into the drawing for the grand, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes (need not be present to win).

Why do you take SBTS on tour?

It expands our reach to different audiences.

How do you decide which cities to go to?

SBTS seeks to activate as many parks as possible with theatre, but Admission-Free Shakespeare isn’t free to produce. The Artistic Directors look for open-air venues that can accommodate a large scale event and then contact the cities and community groups for funding. If the city or a community group is able to sponsor our performances and we can fit it into our schedule – we go.

How can I buy raffle tickets?

Raffle tickets are sold at every performance.

What should I bring to the park?

Check out our Things to Bring list.

What plays have you done?

Check out our History Page.

Can I bring my dog with me to a show?

We don’t encourage it, and some venues don’t allow pets at all, please look up the park or venue site, or google the park for specific info.