SBTS is seeking the TERRIFIC 200 – that’s 200 terrific people needed to donate $300 each to fill the coffers for this year.

PLEASE JOIN THE SBTS ACTOR FUND FUND TODAY.  A recurring gift of $25/mo (or a full year $300 gift) is all it takes for YOU to become a true patron of the arts by offering direct support to our SBTS Artists.   (100% tax-deductible)

I’d like to make a Donation to the SBTS Actor Fund (click here)

Members of the SBTS Actor Fund will receive the following perks:

  • Reserved seating at any performance.
  • Listing as a Member of the SBTS Actor Fund listing in our festival program.

Growing pains for SBTS:

California’s AB5 bill, which for SBTS mandates turning all actors and festival staff into employees, means that our estimated expenses for the actors alone has literally DOUBLED.  It’s a huge budget increase for SBTS – especially as we rely on donations to finance the admission free festival.  There aren’t any loopholes around AB5 – even as a non-profit – we must comply.

If you love SBTS and love our actors as much as we do, then please consider showing your affection by joining our SBTS ACTOR FUND today.

We must raise $72,000 to underwrite the 26 actors participating in the shows this season.

We do have grants from LA County Arts Commission and the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs which total $11,700 – a nice start to the fund – but it leaves 60,300 left to complete our 2020 Actor Fund.  We need roughly 200 people to donate $300 each to fill the SBTS ACTOR FUND coffers.

Will you be one of the TERRIFIC 200?