Things We Need

It’s time for us to gather up all the things we need to present the season. And we are doing our best to cut corners yet still provide you with the high quality productions that you’ve come to expect from us. So we’re reaching out to see if you’ve got anything on our needs list – if you do, and you’re willing to donate it to the cause – please get in touch with Lisa Coffi asap. email or 310-619-0599. We’ll provide you with a tax receipt letter to write off your in-kind donation of time, talent or treasure!

  • Volunteer who’d like to help with some light clerical and/or data entry
  • Volunteer coordinator – to help recruit and schedule folks for our productions
  • Printing Service – for our 50K flyers and/or our Season Program
  • Truck rental – we need a 15ft truck for 6 weeks (ramped, w/out wheel wells in the back)
  • Dry Cleaning Services – for our costumes
  • Water – cases of bottled water for actors, crew and concessions booth
  • Copier for the office or free copies (scripts, questionnaires, etc)
  • Embroidery or screen printing services – for our logo merchandise
  • Wood – various sizes of wood for set building and repairs
    • 2x4s either 8′ in length or 14′ to 16′ – Usually around 20 of them for legs etc- we would need about 10 of the 16′ for the various vertical posts in both sets.
    • 1×3’s, 1×4’s – We usually go through quite a bit of these building / repairing legs and struts. 20 to 40 -more of the 1×3 than 1×4
    • 3/4″ plywood – 8 sheets
    • Bolts – we need a box of bolts, washers and nuts – 3/8” in 3.5” length and 4” length.
  • Home Depot Cards in any denomination for set and prop supplies
  • Raffle Items – Gift Certificates, Trips or Time Share stays that we can use as raffle prizes